There are many services and businesses that provide Cloud Backup or Cloud Storage. Some of these companies provide both! These two services can be confusing because they may seem like they do the same thing, but there is a VERY important distinction between the two. So what is the difference between these two service concepts? Let’s look at the basics.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is a service in which files on your computer are copied to a remote location. This is usually done via internet and the data is transmitted online and stored as a copy of the original files on your computer. The purpose for this is data protection and recovery in case of data loss of the original files on your computer. Therefore you have a Cloud Backup.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a service in which you can upload files to a remote location for the purpose of expanding your computer hard drive storage capacity. In other words, if you need more space for files, you can store and access files online in the cloud by paying for hard drive space on a remote data server. Therefor you have Cloud Storage.


To Summarize:

Cloud Backup = Data protection + Recovery

Cloud Storage = Data expansion + Accessibility