These release notes provide information about the latest release of GCS Backup desktop client for Windows 5.8

New and Updated Features.

GCS Backup 5.8 is a major release, featuring new functionality and enhanced performance.

Ransomware Protection

This year has certainly been troublesome for businesses around the world when it comes to data security. Numerous cyber attacks have disrupted the normal business continuity, locking corporate computers and demanding ransom. With that in mind, we’ve decided to implement ransomware protection functionality in the latest iteration of GCS Backup – release 5.8
Let us first highlight that this feature is primarily tasked with detecting ransomware, rather than deactivating it. Namely, the implemented ransomware detection mechanism will utilize a few mathematical techniques to determine whether the files subject to backup have been encrypted.
If so, a pop-up window will appear following the execution of the backup plan, notifying you of potential data corruption by ransomware.

Disk Capacity Tool

One of the foremost features of GCS Backup 5.8 is the ability to visualize your storage device, be it a hard drive or an SSD. The brand-new Disk Capacity Tool displays the breakdown of folder sizes and facilitates the analysis of the occupied disk space. Once the tool is started, you will be presented with a table of folders sorted by size by default.
To the left of the child folders’ names is a pie chart that vividly illustrates the share of the parent folder occupied by the child folder. Similarly, you can open up any folder and see its contents sorted by size.