Why Cloud Backup Is Better Than Using External Hard Drives


External hard drives are very practical devices because they are both cheap and fairly easy to use.

Also, these devices are very portable, you can carry them with you at all times.

The best part about the external hard drive is that you’re in total control of your data.

You can encrypt your data to meet security needs and be sure that no one else sees your files, but of course there are also disadvantages.


Remember the days when you had to manually backup your photos and important files to an external hard drive?

Not only is this a time consuming procedure, it is very slow and is not a very efficient way to do daily backups.

What if you forgot one day to transfer your files and your computer crashes?


Hard drives fail and most of the time without warning, so when everything was perfect in the morning, you can be without your important data in the afternoon.

While it might be a good thing to have your external hard drive with you at all times, it can be dangerous if you lose it or if it gets stolen.

Another disadvantage is that you need to connect your hard drive to your computer every time to access your data.

The best option would be to get a Cloud Backup software solution that provides backup services to the cloud and also backups to external hard drives and other storage devices.